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21.07.2009 Update Kittens

We are a couple from Cracow and we are also cat lovers. The name of our breedery comes from Lakota language and means GREAT CAT. In Lakota language there was no name for animal because they treat animals like brothers and sisters. Following this our home is not exactly a breedery but rather a cats' home. Because we think that our cats are members of our family and we want our cats to feel comfortable with us. Lakota Indian treated animals as human relatives. They also though that animals have a bigger power and that they are wiser than people. That's why animal become people's teachers. Indians believes that animals have souls and they were looking for contact with them. One of the way was contact in dreams. That's why our breeder symbol is dream catcher on which the cat is looking at the surface of water and sees the wolf which symbolise cat's wild side of nature.

Following our cats' needs we take them for a walk. They go with us through the forest, climb on trees and following mountain tourist route. They visit mountain hostel with pleasure because of the beautiful smell of food. It proves that they are like a stereotype cats with their love for food.

"A home without a cat, and a well-fed, well-petted and properly revered cat, may be a perfect home, perhaps But how can it prove it's title?" Mark Twain.

Our home change completely because of cats. If someone told me before June 2007 that I will have a cat I wouldn't have believed him, for sure. But suddenly by the stroke of luck in our home appeared Benek and overtook our hearts and wrapped us round his little paw :) We thought that we don't want to him to be lonely so we thought about a girlfriend for him and also by a stroke of luck we found Nora and completely unwanted we became "breeders".

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